Prague Airport just opened the AeroRooms hotel, which offers 14 rooms. The transit hotel inside Václav Havel Airport Prague is set up for those who are connecting and those who want short-term accommodations near the terminals.

The 14 rooms are fully renovated and updated. The hotel replaced the Rest&Fun Center that offered eight rooms for travelers with connecting flights, and the airport spent nearly $600,000 upgrading the facility. Not only did the airport invest in more rooms, but it also can be accessed from the airport's public area, while still complying with strict safety standards.

Rooms start at $85 a for a 6-12 hour stay, while stays ranging 1-6 hours cost about $42, for a maximum of two guests per room. Due to security regulations, travelers who haven't checked in or gone through security must book the hotel in advance via the Prague Airport website or with an online booking agency. If you are accessing AeroRooms from the transit area, you are not required to book in advance, though it's still recommended.

Not only is the airport investing into the transit hotel, it is also aiming to refurbish its airline lounges as well. Prague Airport wants to double the capacity for its lounges while improving the premium service offered. In October, the airport will begin renovating the Erste Premier Lounge, which is located at Terminal 2. The renovation should be done by next summer. Once this is done, the airport will begin renovating the Mastercard Lounge in Terminal 1.

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