German cruise line AIDA Cruises was planning to restart operations this week. However, two of its August sailings have already been canceled, though it's not due to 10 of its crew members who tested positive for COVID-19. Instead, the delay is being caused by the government of Italy. Italy is the flag state of AIDA Cruises; its government needs to give final approval for the cruise line to commence short trips. Thus far, the government of Italy hasn't given approval.

Since the government of Italy hasn't given its approval, AIDA Cruises canceled its AIDAperla and AIDAmar itineraries, which were scheduled to set sail on August 5 and August 12, respectively.

In July, the cruise line announced that it would resume limited operations in August with three of its ships. AIDA Cruises hasn't offered cruises since March and was working on introducing new hygiene and health protocols. While the cruise line regrets the delay, it is hopeful that it will receive formal approval from Italy very soon and will be able to restart soon.

Those who were scheduled to sail on the AIDAperla and AIDAmar will be reimbursed automatically for what they paid for, which also includes all other services booked on MyAIDA. Guests will also receive a future onboard credit, which will be equal to 50 percent of their travel cost. Thus far, the cruise line's AIDAblu August 16 sailing from Kiel, Germany hasn't been canceled.

With the coronavirus outbreak, cruise operators had to shut down, and some have shut down operations all the way through October.

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