Air Canada has announced the addition of several new flights and an increase in many flights to sunny destinations for this summer and winter travel season. The new flights coincide with Air Canada taking possession of its new Boeing 737MAX aircraft.

The new seasonal Air Canada flights include flights between Calgary and Palm Springs, as well as flights between Edmonton and Las Vegas. These daily seasonal flights will commence on October 28 this year, running through April 30, 2019. All of these flights will take place on the Airbus A319 or A320 jets, depending on which route you are traveling.

The airline will also increase flight frequency from Calgary to Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos, Mexico and Phoenix. Increases in flights between Vancouver and Palm Springs and Phoenix have also been scheduled.

In addition to these new services, Air Canada will launch new and increased service from Western Canada to Hawaii on its new Boeing 737MAX aircraft. New service will be launched to Kauai, Hawaii, and frequency will be doubled to all other Hawaiian destinations currently served by the airline.

The new aircraft are more fuel efficient, run quieter and have completely upgraded entertainment systems for passengers. Air Canada believes that all of these new amenities will be beneficial to its passengers because they will get to enjoy affordable, pleasant flight to Hawaii.

Air Canada will launch many of these services to begin in the winter season. Many people travel from Canada to warmer destinations during the bitterly cold winter months. It is more popular for vacationers to travel during winter than summer months because of the weather conditions.

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