Air Canada is saying goodbye to single-use plastics. The carrier is joining the growing trend of doing away with excess plastics in order to help the planet. Air Canada has entered into an exclusive agreement with an organization called 4ocean to help keep the world's oceans cleaner and safer for marine life. Air Canada's long-term goal is to eliminate all single-use plastics from its airplanes and lounges. It is expected that Air Canada will be able to eliminate thousands of pounds of plastic and waste through its conservation program and partnership with 4ocean.

Air Canada will begin efforts to reduce the amount of plastic that is used on flights and in lounges beginning this summer. In fact, travelers flying with the airline will see plastic stir sticks disappear from planes and lounges in the months to come. Air Canada customers won't be the only ones participating in the changes. The airline is actually arranging for its employees to take part in cleanup efforts for the world's oceans that are organized by 4ocean.

Air Canada has had plastic reduction on its mind for a while. The airline has been formulating a long-term plan for plastic reduction for more than a year. In fact, the airline conducted a full audit in 2018 that assessed the use of all plastics that are featured on Air Canada flights. Decision makers at Air Canada took a look at options for eliminating, reducing, recycling and replacing waste-producing items. In addition to working with 4ocean, Air Canada has also collaborated with graduate students at the University of Toronto to identify sustainable alternatives to plastic that can be used on flights.

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