Airlines are trying to become more environmentally-friendly and do their part to reduce emissions by investing in newer and more efficient planes. In the meantime, some are now rolling out initiatives to offset their CO2 emissions. In fact, both EasyJet and Norwegian Air recently announced programs to offset their carbon emissions. Now, Air France is going to do the same, at least for its domestic flights.

Starting January 1, 2020, Air France will offset the CO2 emissions of all its domestic flights, which carry nearly 60,000 passengers every day on around 450 daily flights.

The airline will work with EcoAct, which works to preserve forests and improve the biodiversity of the planet. Air France has plans to reduce its carbon footprint by 50 percent per passenger per kilometer by 2030, when compared with 2005 figures.

Air France will provide compensation to its chosen certified projects in Brazil, Peru, Kenya, India and Cambodia. Air France and EcoAct also plan to develop two brand-new projects in France. The French carrier has plans to release more details sometime early next year. Some of the intended projects will be submitted to be voted on by customers of Air France.

All projects are highly-regarded and received certification standards from the likes of the World Wild Fund (WWF) and many other organizations.

While many airlines already offer travelers the chance to offset carbon emissions from flights for a fee, Air France is taking it a step further. The airline will automatically offset the emissions on domestic flights in France. However, it isn't clear if Air France would fold in the cost of carbon-offsetting as part of the airfare.

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