Air France is eyeing a very high-tech upgrade. A company called Oledcomm is working on bringing high-speed Li-Fi to Air France and KLM flights. What exactly is Li-Fi? Li-Fi is wireless technology that uses light to transmit data between devices. Traditional Wi-Fi uses electromagnetic waves to transmit data. New Li-Fi technology is capable of delivering data at a speed that is much faster than what's offered by current Wi-Fi systems.

Oledcomm is making some pretty big promises about what it can offer to airline customers. The company claims that its Li-Fi can reach speeds of up to 100 Mbps. That means that passengers will be able to access videos, games and the Internet very easily during flights. In addition to speed, Li-Fi offers other benefits. Many consider a Li-Fi connection to be more secure than Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. That's mostly due to the fact that Li-Fi can't actually penetrate walls. In fact, the Li-Fi product that is being designed by Oledcomm for use in commercial aircraft only has a maximum range of 92 feet.

Curious tech enthusiasts don't necessarily have to wait until they board an Air France or KLM flight at some point in the future if they want to experience Li-Fi. Oledcomm has plans to roll out a new Li-Fi product that will be available for home and office use later in 2019.

Airlines have one very good reason for embracing Li-Fi technology. Switching from Wi-Fi to Li-Fi could save airlines tons of money. That's because Li-Fi requires much less cabling than Wi-Fi systems. Copper cables can be replaced with optical systems that are very light. That means that airlines will be able to make their planes lighter instantly. Lighter planes equal serious fuel savings.

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