Air France is showing off what's inside its newly retrofitted fleet of Airbus A330 planes. Travelers will get to experience the changes when they fly using seats in Business, Premium Economy and Economy. The airline has plans to retrofit 15 A330 planes in total between now and 2020. The refreshed planes will be used for routes to Seattle, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Accra, Ouagadougou, Cotonou, Lagos, Niamey, Bengaluru and Delhi.

What does the inside of the updated A330 from Air France look like? The design features 36 seats in Business, 21 seats in Premium Economy and 167 seats in Economy. All seats and interior features will be completely new. Wi-Fi will be available throughout the planes. One exciting detail that has been revealed is that the Business seats inside the planes are being fitted with new high-definition screens with touch technology. Those screens are 18.5 inches in size. Passengers who value privacy are sure to appreciate the fact that Air France is adding sliding panels between seats. In addition, ambient lighting and leather touches create a very relaxing and smooth atmosphere inside the cabins. There's even a self-service bar that offers goodies for passengers looking for some refreshments. Seats in Business Class can be converted into lie-flat beds that are an impressive 78.7 inches long and 22.4 inches wide. Air France plans to pamper travelers flying in Business Class with new amenity kits featuring Clarins beauty products. Business passengers will also be given free champagne and special French candies when they board.

What does Premium Economy look like in Air France's updated fleet? Air France is pulling out one surprising detail in an age when airlines seem to be trying to reduce seat sizes as much as possible. The airline's updated cabins will feature some of the widest seats available in Premium Economy. The seats come with a width of 19 inches and a pitch of 40 inches. These seats are capable of reclining to 130 degrees and they provide lumbar support. Passengers can also look forward to comfortable seat cushions and wider armrests. Getting comfortable after taking off will be a breeze thanks to high-definition screens measuring in at 13.3 inches, feather pillows, blankets and amenity kits.

Air France's updated Economy seats will offer 31 inches of legroom and the option to recline by 118 degrees. In addition, passengers can use personal power outlets and USB outlets. Air France is also placing audio headsets in every seat and widening tray tables. Passengers can enjoy entertainment using seat-back screens that are 11.7 inches in size.

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