Air New Zealand is pleased to share the carrier is now offering the Impossible Burger on its flights from Los Angeles to Heathrow London through October. The Impossible Burger has become a favorite for many travelers on Air New Zealand. This will be the first time that the burger will be available on this route. For now, it will only be available for those in the Kiwi carrier's Business Premier cabin.

The Impossible Burger is a plant-based burger that looks and tastes just like a real hamburger. The 'meat' patty is made from soy products, including the heme molecule from the root of the soy plant. This iron-rich molecule is exactly like the heme molecule found in beef. By adding this molecule to the plant-based mixture, the result is a hamburger that cooks, smells and tastes just like a regular hamburger.

Air New Zealand is the first airline to offer the Impossible Burger in the skies and previously only offered it on flights to Auckland from Los Angeles. The carrier then launched the bite-sized version of the plant-based burger on its flights from San Francisco to Auckland.

The Impossible Burger has been a huge success for the airline. Health conscious or just curious people want to be able to try this 'miracle' hamburger that was developed in a Silicon Valley laboratory.

The airline has stated that the new offering will only be available on the flight NZ2 from Los Angeles to London flight until October. However, it is anticipated that if demand continues to be very high for this unique product, it may not only be added permanently to the flight but may also start becoming available on additional routes.

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