In a bid to combat waste, Air New Zealand is trialing edible coffee cups. Travelers in the air and on the ground at the regional airport lounge in Auckland will now be served coffee in a leak-proof cup that doubles as a delicious and edible dessert bowl.

The cups are made by Twiice, a sustainably-focused New Zealand company, and they will not only be used for hot drinks but also as bowls for desserts like ice cream. Instead of being made from a material that can take hundreds of years to decompose, the cups are made from natural materials such as vanilla essence, wheat flour, egg and sugar. The airline describes the cups as an edible biscotti.

According to Twiice, the cup won't leak and it will easily last until you've finished drinking out of it. While the cups have a distinct vanilla flavor, it won't have an impact on the taste of the coffee. If you want to try one and aren't flying Air New Zealand anytime soon they are available at 14 cafes throughout New Zealand.

The airline is certainly committed to reducing waste. Earlier this year, it announced that it would be rolling out plant-based coffee cups and getting rid of plastic water bottles and plastic sauce sachets from its Premium Economy and Business Premier cabins. It also announced that it would gradually replace its plastic soft drink cups with a more sustainable product.

The airline serves eight million cups of coffee per year, and with the new initiative, it hopes it will be well on its way to being a plastic-free airline in the future.

Image source: Air New Zealand

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