Since its founding in 2008, Airbnb has continued to grow exponentially, opening offices around the globe and making its service available in 191 countries. 2017's no different, with the company carrying out its largest acquisition to date with its purchase of the Canada-based villa rental firm Luxury Retreats International. Following up that move, Airbnb recently signed a deal poised to further increase its number of customer bookings.

As of July 2017, Airbnb has partnered Concur - a decision which now enables travel agents to book listings of Airbnb accommodations embedded within Concur Travel through Concur's popular web-based booking tool. Concur is the first, and at present, only online business travel booking platform to offer such a feature.

Historically, Airbnb has been associated with leisure trips and tourism, so this expansion is a substantially different approach in terms of the company's purpose and target demographic. The partnership will significantly expand the Airbnb's reach, as booking was previously limited to Airbnb's own Internet marketplace.

Concur is, first and foremost, a means for companies to schedule lodging for business travel, so the partnership is a fantastic opportunity for Airbnb to expand its services to a whole new client base.

Anyhow, Airbnb poses a significant threat to the traditional hotel industry, so this particular partnership is a sizable gain for Concur as well. Furthermore, it provides a good deal more flexibility for businesses who use the service, as the Concur platform lets companies book though Airbnb while still maintaining the necessary budget oversight and transparency in spending.

The new functionality is expected to go live in the coming months. And, given Airbnb's popularity and Concur's own healthy client base, this should prove to be a win-win for both companies.

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