Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the fact that traveling is and will be difficult for some time, Airbnb has further extended its full cancellation policy. The company has also set aside $250 million so it is in a better position to offer assistance to its hosts regarding canceled or missed bookings.

Previously, Airbnb's policy allowed refunds for trips with a check-in date up to May 31. On Friday, the company updated its extenuating circumstances policy, and now guests can receive refunds for stays that have a check-in date all the way to June 15. If you booked an Airbnb experience, you are in luck. The company is also allowing for refunds for Airbnb Experiences, all the way up to June 15 as well. Keep in mind Airbnb users can only get refunds for Airbnb Experiences or stays if they booked on or before March 14.

If you made your reservation after March 14 or plan on reserving a place now, you should know that that host's cancellation policy will apply. That said, keep in mind guests or hosts who contract COVID-19 can still cancel and receive a full refund.

Guests who qualify for a refund and cancel will be able to choose a travel credit or a full cash refund. Those looking to cancel their reservation must know that they'll have to offer proof that they can't travel due to the pandemic. Proof could be in the form of a travel restriction, shelter-in-place order, flight cancellation, border closure or even a medical recommendation.

Airbnb will continue to monitor guidance from public health organizations and governments. The cancellation policy may be extended even further if the pandemic continues.

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