Airbnb is taking steps to reward its best guests. The home-sharing platform recently announced that it will be introducing a loyalty program that gives select customers benefits that span across an entire trip. Airbnb's new loyalty program will be called Superguest. Both hosts and guests have a lot to look forward to as Airbnb moves forward with exciting updates for 2018.

What We Know About Superguest

Details regarding Airbnb's new Superguest program have been hard to come by so far. What we do know is that it will initially be introduced as a pilot program this summer. The initial trial run will be open to 10,000 Airbnb users. The program will then be expanded to include more users by the close of 2018.

An Improved Loyalty Program for Hosts Is Also Coming

Airbnb isn't just increasing benefits for its guests. Hosts who participate on the platform can also look forward to some extra perks under an expanded version of the current Superhost program. Only Airbnb hosts with a rating of 4.8 or above will be eligible to participate in the program. In addition, hosts must have a response rate of 90 percent, a cancellation-free record and 10 or more stays per year to qualify.

The biggest perk of the Superhost program is that it provides hosts with higher visibility on the Airbnb platform. In addition, hosts who are members will be able to enjoy early access to new programs that are rolled out by the home-sharing website. Those are the benefits that are known so far. Airbnb has stated that it plans to add even more benefits to its Superhost program soon. The tools provided to hosts on the Airbnb platform have already helped them to earn more than $41 billion in the past 10 years.

More Features Are Coming to the Airbnb Website

Airbnb appears to be in a mood to enhance the overall experience for guest and hosts. The platform will soon be adding new booking features and property categories to its website. Users will eventually be able to browse new classifications for properties listed on the website. This will include things like vacation homes, unique homes, boutique properties and more. There will also be a feature that separates properties into special collections that travelers can browse based on the specific needs they have. Airbnb is even going one step further by adding an Airbnb Plus tier to its website. This tier will include properties that have been verified by Airbnb for offering quality and comfort. In addition, a new tier called Beyond is being introduced for properties that offer ultra-luxurious experiences for guests.

The Big Picture for Airbnb

Airbnb released details of its future plans as part of the unveiling of its new Roadmap initiative. The ultimate goal of the initiative is to put Airbnb on a path to accommodating more than 1 billion annual guests by 2028. The platform currently offers accommodations in 4.5 millions places in 81,000 cities around the world.

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