Airbus has just released the latest design for its new Business Class seats. The new seats are called the 'Settee Corner' seats and are more like a recliner or couch than an airplane seat. The new design is the result of a collaboration between Airbus and Geven, an airline seat manufacturing company.

The new seat design is based on three Economy Class seats being placed together to form one large seat. The leg area of the seats rises, much like that of a reclining chair, and the back of the seats can be tilted back as well. While the design is much like a couch, passengers could lie down across the seats if they so desired.

The seats have all the amenities that one would find in Business Class. This includes ample storage areas, overhead room, entertainment screen and a fold-out table ideal for working. The leg room is a little larger than the previous seating styles so the recliner part of the new seats can extend further.

The new seat design comes as Airbus is looking for ways to improve comfort levels for long-haul premium passengers. The airline industry has seen significant demand for planes that can travel further distances due to passenger requests; however, the current seating options are not the best for extended range flights.

In addition to providing extra comfort levels for passengers, the new seats are also significantly lighter than previous Business Class seats. This is beneficial to longer range flights and makes them more environmentally friendly indirectly. The seats are being designed specifically for the Airbus 321LR aircraft at this time but may become available for other jets as well.

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