Next March, Alaska Airlines will drop two flights that connect California with Kona, which is on the west coast of the Big Island of Hawaii. Presently, the airline flies between San Francisco and Kona four times a week and three times a week between Sacramento and Kona.

While the route cuts may be bad news for people who live in the Bay Area or Sacramento, this doesn't mean that Alaska is decreasing its service between California and the Big Island. Instead, Alaska Airlines is shuffling routes around to better serve its customers. Part of the shift is to compete with Southwest Airlines, which started offering flights to Hawaii this year, as well as Hawaiian Airlines.

Starting March 19 of next year, both San Jose and San Diego will see an increase in flights to Kona. Alaska looks at demand where their guests want to go, and then makes changes based on the information gathered. Since there is more demand for flights between San Jose and San Diego to the Big Island, Alaska responded.

Alaska offers, on average, 29 daily flights to and from Hawaii, and the airline has the distinction of offering the most nonstop flights between the West Coast and Hawaii. Alaska also flies to Kona from Oakland and Seattle year-round, in addition to offering seasonal flights to Kona from Portland and Anchorage during the winter and spring seasons.

Those wanting to fly out of Sacramento on a nonstop flight are out of luck. Once Alaska ends service next March, there will be no airlines that fly directly to Kona. However, those flying out of San Francisco are in luck as United offers a nonstop flight to Kona.

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