The Alaska Mileage Plan is cutting earning potential for one of its popular airline partners. Earning rates for mileage earned through Qantas are going to be lower beginning on Jan. 1 of next year. Alaska Airlines revealed what the new earnings rates will look like on an updated chart on its website this week.

Mileage rates for customers flying in First, Business and Premium Economy seats are going to remain the same after Jan. 1 of 2020. However, some pretty big cuts are being made for specific Economy fares. G, K, L, M, S and V fares will go from earning 100 percent of miles to just 50 percent of miles under the new setup. In addition, it looks like N, O and Q fares will go from earning 100 percent of miles to earning just 25 percent of miles.

Who are the big losers when it comes to the change from Alaska Airlines? Travelers who frequently credited miles flown using Qantas Economy seats to Alaska Airlines have the most to lose under this new arrangement. However, the overall good news to take away from all of this is that passengers will still be able to redeem Alaska Airlines miles for travel with Qantas. That means that your ability to access Qantas lounges at some airports is still very much in place if you're an Alaska Lounge member or elite member of Alaska Mileage Plan.

No explanation has been given for why things are changing between Alaska and Qantas. However, there is plenty of speculation going on. One idea is that the new change has to do with a budding relationship between Qantas and American Airlines. American Airlines announced recently that it would be expanding mileage earnings with Qantas.

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