Alaska Airlines is raising the fee it charges for checked bags. Many travelers around the country will be disappointed to discover that the airline is following in the footsteps of JetBlue by announcing that it will also be increasing baggage fees in the weeks to come. All Alaska Airlines tickets purchased on or after Dec. 5 of this year will be affected by the price increase. This applies to exchanged tickets, too. That means that bringing along personal items and gifts during this year's busy holiday travel season just became more expensive.

How much more will Alaska Airlines customers have to pay to check their bags after Dec. 5? The first checked bag will now cost $30. A second checked bag will cost $40. Alaska passengers previously only had to pay $25 for the first checked bag. The cost to check a second bag was also just $25. This means that Alaska customers are seeing an increase that's essentially compounded by another increase.

Most loyal Alaska customers were hoping that the carrier would resist the trend of increasing baggage fees. However, it looks like the popular airline has decided to join competitors like JetBlue, Delta, American and United in raising baggage fees. The industry standard for checked bags now stands at $30.

Only one major airline has managed to avoid fee increases for checked bags. That airline is Southwest Airlines. Southwest famously offers a free checked bag to all passengers. Travelers who are worried that the budget carrier could soon abandon its trademark perk and join its rival carriers need not worry. Southwest has assured travelers that it has no intention of imposing new baggage fees at any point in the foreseeable future.

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