Priority Pass cardmembers have access to more than 1000 airport lounges around the world, with 50 lounges available for access in the United States. Many credit cards offer this as a benefit for using them, and the market has almost become flooded with passengers who can use these areas of the airport. In fact, some of the lounges have had to turn clients away because there was insufficient room for more people to enter.

Alaska Airlines took the problem one step further. Access to the Seattle Lounge had become so chaotic that in May, the airline restricted entrance to the lounge to only one person. Prior to this, the client could bring in guests. On August 7, the airline changed its policy to allow flyers to bring in a maximum of two guests into its lounges.

Alaska Airlines has now relaxed the policy even more. The airline has stated that the flyer can bring in two guests or their immediate family (defined as spouse or domestic partner and children below the age of 21), regardless of how many people that includes. Though, the policy does make it clear that space is limited and people may still find themselves turned away from the lounge areas.

Many of these passes charge for additional people who enter the lounge areas. However, a greater number are unrestricted and do not place any charges for guests or restrictions on the number of guests that can be brought into these areas. Other airlines have been reluctant to place limits on guest use in fear that it would curb sales.

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