Alaska Airlines has announced it will begin offering service to Palm Springs from Paine Field, starting on the 5th of November. The new service is a direct response to customer requests for flights to this sunny destination. Palm Springs has become a very popular winter destination.

When Alaska Airlines first started offering services from Paine Field, it had considered Palm Springs as one of its destinations. However, the airline wanted to see how its other 18 nonstop flights performed before adding this popular destination.

The airline only began offering flights from Paine Field in March but has seen high demand for its services. As of late May, over 160,000 passengers have flown on Alaska Airlines since March 4th from this airport, and ticket sales remain steady. The airline only has 18 departure slots at Paine Field daily, so if it wants to add destinations, is has to cut some of its other flights.

Alaska Airlines has stated that to add the Palm Springs flights, it is eliminating one of its flights to Portland and one of its flights to Los Angeles. The airline intends to offer the Paine Field-Palm Springs service daily. Additionally, Alaska Airlines will be offering a second roundtrip service between Paine Field and Phoenix beginning August 26.

A rep for the airline stated that demand has been so significant from Paine Field because of the short lines and access to an award-winning lounge, that the airline is now also considering flights to Hawaii and Orlando in the near future.

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