Are you planning to fly out of Seattle this weekend? Something new is in the mix for Alaska Airlines customers. Alaska Airlines is opening a new flagship lounge at Seattle-Tacoma (Sea-Tac) International Airport this week. The lounge will have its formal opening on July 12. That means that travelers will be able to enjoy what the lounge has to offer just as we enter a busy summer weekend. This will actually be the third lounge that Alaska Airlines operates at the Washington hub.

We already know a lot about what the new Alaska Airlines lounge at Sea-Tac will be like when it opens its doors. The new lounge will feature an impressive 15,800 square feet of space for guests to enjoy. This will actually be the largest premium lounge offered by the airline. Travelers can find Alaska's newest lounge at Sea-Tac's North Satellite terminal.

The ambiance found inside the new Alaska lounge a Sea-Tac is pretty incredible. There is a grand fireplace that serves as the perfect place to slip into a state of mind that embodies the Pacific Northwest. A large bar inside the lounge will be serving up favorite cocktails, West Coast wines and local brews. Of course, the rare runway views that can be enjoyed from the lounge make it a space that's worth visiting. The list of amenities that lounge visitors can look forward to includes a dining area, Wi-Fi and power outlets and more. Guest can get comfortable with a mug full of Starbucks® coffee or Teavana® tea while relaxing in the lounge, too.

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