Winter weather is forcing Alaska Airlines and Delta Air Lines to cancel a number of flights in the Pacific Northwest. The cancellations began Friday. However, more cancellations were being announced as of Sunday night. The cancellations are also affecting Horizon Air flights and American Airlines flights. Cancellations are mainly impacting flights to Seattle or flights that use Sea-Tac as a connector.

It was a rough weekend for many travelers as they tried to get to the Seattle area. Alaska Airlines was forced to delay or cancel dozens of flights coming from Anchorage over the weekend. Most of the travelers affected were using Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport. Snow began coming down in the Seattle area on Friday. Many areas around the city reported close to a foot of snow. Alaska Airlines announced that it would be strategically canceling flights in advance as the snow began to pile up. Alaska Airlines reached out to all travelers who were impacted by cancelled flights.

The snowy weekend that just passed may have just been practice for a complicated week ahead. Another storm is headed for the Seattle area. The storm is expected to last from Sunday to Tuesday. Sea-Tac reacted by letting the public know that it is monitoring the situation and working out how much traffic the airport can handle in the face of icy conditions and limited visibility. Alaska Airlines is letting passengers know that they can take advantage of a flexible weather-related travel policy if they wish to change their flights in or out of Portland and Seattle during the storm. All travelers flying in or out of the Seattle area in the days to come should check ahead of time to see if flights are cancelled or delayed.

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