There's some good news coming if you like being connected while flying. Delta plans to offer free Wi-Fi access to customers on all flights. That means that you won't need premium membership in order to access this perk. No set date has been given at this time as to when the complimentary Wi-Fi service will be available to flyers.

Wi-Fi isn't anything new for Delta passengers. However, non-premium passengers have had to pay if they wanted to access Wi-Fi up until now. The daily cost for Wi-Fi access when traveling on Delta flights in North America is currently $16. A global day pass will set you back $28 if you are flying internationally with Delta.

Delta isn't the first airline to provide generous Wi-Fi offerings. The big difference is that many airlines around the globe offer Internet connections that are spotty or limited. Delta has invested heavily in offering very reliable and consistent Wi-Fi on its flights. This is something that is sure to make people who love streaming entertainment as well as business travelers very happy. Delta currently offers free mobile messaging to passengers on all flights with Wi-Fi capabilities.

News of Delta's plan to provide free Wi-Fi access to travelers in all cabins comes following another major announcement from the airline. Delta has come up with some creative ways to help passengers make the most of their time in the air. The airline is partnering with LinkedIn to provide some free personal-development courses during flights. The courses will focus on skills like leadership, communication, stress management and more. All of the free courses will be available to access through Delta Studio. They are taught by highly regarded instructors. Delta Studio already offers over 1,000 hours of entertainment that can be accessed from personal devices or seat-back screens.

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