All Nippon Airways (ANA) has announced that starting May 29th, there will be changes made to the advanced seat selection process. Starting on that date, passengers will incur a fee for reserving certain Value and Super Value seats. The new seat selection process will be apply to flights starting August 19th.

Passengers who want to have an aisle, window, or an emergency exit row seat when they fly in booking class V, W, S, L, and K will have to pay an extra fee to reserve these seats in advance. These seating sections are mostly located towards the front of the Economy cabin.

The new policy will still allow for free window and aisle seats near the rear of the plane, and middle seats will remain free to reserve as well. Also, keep in mind ANA Diamond Service Members and Platinum Service Members will be exempt from these new charges.

ANA has stated that this new policy is a direct response to customer requests. The airline is very proud of its five-star rating for customer care and believes that by responding to the needs of its customers, even though it incurs a fee, it will help the carrier retain that coveted rating.

Industry experts, however, believe that ANA has just found a way to make extra revenue through ancillary fees. Many major airlines, several of which are ANA's joint venture partners, have already begun to charge for seating choices in their Economy seating sections.

ANA is the largest airline in Japan and services 118 domestic routes along with 80 international routes. The airline has several joint ventures that allow its passengers to connect to destinations across the world. For the uninitiated, ANA is a Star Alliance member airline and it has one of the highest rated rewards programs in the industry.

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