Japan's All Nippon Airways just dropped some big news about a new lounge. The airline officially plans to open a new lounge at Honolulu's Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (HNL) on May 24. This highly anticipated new lounge is located on the airport's third floor inside Terminal 2. What's interesting is that this new lounge space will actually cover both the ANA Suite Lounge and the ANA Lounge.

What can travelers expect to find when they begin visiting Honolulu's new lounge at the end of this month? The lounge stands out due to its very specious seating options. There's even a special area that's stocked with books and toys ideal for keeping the little ones engaged.

Of course, travelers will be able to sit down and enjoy some great meal options that put Hawaiian-themed and Japanese-themed cuisine on display. Besides the Hawaiian and Japanese buffet menus available to guests, the ANA Suite Lounge will also offer an a la carte menu that lets guests have a taste of udon noodle and chazuke broth. The big highlight of the new lounge space is that All Nippon Airways has actually added a jet bridge that will enable premium passengers to board directly into their airplanes.

May 24 is a significant date for All Nippon Airways for one more reason. That's the date the carrier is planning the inaugural flight of its Flying Honu. This massive double-deck Airbus plane will enable All Nippon Airways to actually double air capacity between Honolulu and Tokyo within the next year. The Flying Honu is the largest passenger aircraft in the world. It is capable of holding up to 520 passengers. It is expected that the launch of the Flying Honu A380 is going to be a big win for Hawaii's tourism industry.

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