Allegiant Air wants to provide passengers with more legroom. The decision may seem surprising if you've ever flown with the airline. Budget-friendly Allegiant is known for providing tight seating and bare-bones accommodations. Allegiant is hoping that penny-pinching customers will be willing to pay a little bit extra for some extra legroom.

Where is Allegiant finding extra space on its planes? Allegiant is starting with three of its Airbus SE A320 jets for now. The carrier has discovered that removing one row can create 30 seats with six additional inches of legroom.

Allegiant's decision to try to charge more for roomier seats makes sense when you really think about it. Allegiant starts with bare-bones fares as a way to draw in customers. However, many customers are persuaded to tack on little features that cost money. Allegiant actually makes most of its money from add-on fees and optional services. The hope among Allegiant's executives is that customers will be willing to pay more to stretch out during flights.

What are the odds that you'll be able to book one of Allegiant's roomier seats when you fly with the airline? Allegiant has been offering the option on departures out of Los Angeles this summer as part of a package called Allegiant Extra.

Passengers who opt for the product also get priority boarding, designated bin space and a free drink. We also know that plans are in place to begin offering the option on flights out of Grand Rapids during the fall and winter.

Early reports are showing that the option for more legroom hasn't been a huge success with passengers flying out of Los Angeles. However, Allegiant is willing to give the option more time to catch on. Allegiant isn't dismissing the idea of expanding the option to its entire fleet if it does become a hit with passengers.

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