Allegiant Air is heading to Mexico. The carrier just filed an application with the U.S. Department of Transportation to begin offering service between the United States and Mexico. Allegiant already offers more than 450 domestic routes. However, its entry into Mexico will mark the first time that the airline has eyed international territory.

Allegiant is famous for smartly linking travelers in small and medium-sized cities with popular holiday destinations. It stands out in a landscape that caters to business travelers because it is tightly focused on serving leisure travelers. Allegiant has a reputation for offering affordable vacation routes like few other airlines can. Many people already use the airline when booking trips to Las Vegas.

What can travelers expect if and when Allegiant launches new service to Mexico? The airline expects that its entry into the Mexican market will help to bring economic benefits to both the United States and Mexico. In addition, travelers can probably expect lower rates across the board due to the fact that Allegiant will likely be stirring up some competition. That could come as very good news to Mexico's tourism industry. The country has been dealing with some bad publicity and low tourist turnout following safety concerns stemming from local violence and crimes targeting tourists. In fact, Mexico's government recently dissolved the country's official tourism board.

There's no word yet on when we can expect to see new flights between Mexico and the United States launch from Allegiant. We also don't know which cities the airline plans to link. However, it can probably be assumed that Allegiant will offer flights to some of Mexico's most popular tourism spots.

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