American Airlines and British Airways just began work on the expansion of Terminal 8 at New York's JFK Airport. Following the completion of the project in 2022, British Airways will be able to move into Terminal 8 from its current location in Terminal 7.

With the investment, American Airlines will be able to offer its 14 daily flights to London, that are offered in conjunction with British Airways, in the same terminal. This will allow flyers to enjoy premium check-in space, as well as new joint lounges. Travelers will also get a huge variety of dining and retail options.

The shared terminal will also offer an enhanced baggage system and co-located aircraft gates for long-haul flights, which should ease connections. Once the Terminal 8 project is completed, American Airlines and British Airways will offer a more seamless experience for those traveling to and from the airport.

JFK Airport is undergoing various renovations and expansion work as part of a $13 billion project to allow it to handle 75 million annual passengers by 2030. The Terminal 8 project is part of a larger development at JFK Airport. Terminals 1 and 2 will be replaced by a new 23-gate South Terminal. This will connect to Terminal 4. Meanwhile, Terminal 5 will also be expanded with a new 12-gate North Terminal, which will be located on the site of Terminal 7 and the former Terminal 6.

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