American Airlines and Dallas Fort Worth Airport have announced plans to construct Terminal F, the airport's sixth terminal. While it will be quite some time before Terminal F is ready for operations, it has been revealed that Terminal F will offer up to 24 gates and will be nestled in the area south of Terminal D. For those who are wondering, Terminal F could open for business as early as 2025.

Terminal F is said to offer plenty of opportunities for customers and businesses alike. In addition, Terminal F will make use of technologies to enhance operational performance, facilitate travelers' movement, as well as maintain cost efficiencies for airlines.

The expansion poised to follow the construction of the new Terminal F should provide the Dallas-Fort Worth region with the growth it needs to effectively compete with other international business centers. Economic development and job growth in the region can stand to benefit from the airport's new terminal, too.

Although not much else has been revealed thus far, design work for the new terminal will commence soon, with American Airlines and Dallas Fort Worth Airport exploring several different layout options for the Terminal F site. It is the goal of American Airlines and Dallas Fort Worth Airport to deliver a modern, efficient new terminal boasting a state-of-the-art customer experience.

American Airlines is slated to operate over 900 daily departures from the airport by June of this year. Doug Parker, American Airlines Chairman and CEO, is thrilled about the continued growth of Dallas Fort Worth Airport into the future. The airport is, after all, American Airlines' largest hub and central gateway to many of its domestic and international network. It is his hope that Dallas Fort Worth Airport remain ‘a premier gateway for American Airlines for many years to come'.

On a side note, Terminal C will soon be upgraded to offer bigger security checkpoints, expanded concessions spaces, improved lighting and flooring along with wholly redesigned check-in areas. Once the various improvements have been made, Terminal C will offer a customer experience similar to those offered by the refurbished Terminals A, B and E.

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