American Airlines is delaying the return of its Boeing 737 MAX planes one more time. This is actually the fifth time that American has changed the date regarding when its fleet of 737 MAX aircraft will potentially be back in use. The latest update will see the aircraft possibly returning to service in the early part of November.

What is the cause for the latest delay? American Airlines decided to push the return date for the 737 MAX to Nov. 2 following news that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) had uncovered a new flaw in the aircraft. It is estimated it will take at least until some point in September for the flaw to be properly corrected. American Airlines had previously planned to use the 737 MAX for flights between New York and Miami beginning on Sept. 3. United Airlines also just announced that it plans to keep its 737 MAX planes grounded until Nov. 3.

The Boeing 737 MAX aircraft will return to the skies with software updates and new training elements once the green light is given. Of course, it will be up to the FAA to decide when the aircraft is ready to be put into use by the nation's airlines - American Airlines, United Airlines and Southwest Airlines.

A mass grounding of the 737 MAX took place globally following two fatal crashes believed to have been the results of faulty software on the model. The 737 MAX planes have been grounded since March 13 of this year. American's November estimate seems optimistic at this point. Some insiders are expecting the grounding to continue into 2020, though.

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