Americans Airlines is giving hot meals the chop on many of its domestic flights. American understandably altered its First Class meal service just as the COVID-19 crisis was throwing everything into chaos back in March. Overall, the updated policy meant access to a limited list of drinks without snack service for Main Cabin passengers. However, snacks and meals were still generally available in First Class cabins and on long-haul international flights.

There was much rejoicing when American updated its meal service a few weeks ago by introducing a fruit-and-cheese plate for passengers flying 900 to 2,199 miles. Of course, passengers on flights over 2,200 miles were unaffected because their hot meals never went away. However, it looks like hot meals are gone for good for now. Nearly all domestic flights over 2,200 miles will no longer receive meal service. Passengers on those flights will now be getting the fruit-and-cheese platter instead. Exceptions will be made for the airline's premium transcontinental flights covering routes like New York to Los Angeles or Dallas to Honolulu.

Is there an upside to what seems to be an attempt to scale down meal service by American Airlines? Ultimately, the decision to do away with hot meals may help to keep passengers safer by reducing the amount of mask-free time needed while passengers consume their food. It seems like the rules regarding what's being served on American flights are evolving as the airline moves through COVID-19. That means that it's important to inquire about what's being offered in your specific cabin on your specific flight if you're worried about being caught without a meal.

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