This summer marks the start of new seasonal flights to Croatia from American Airlines. The new route that kicked off at the start of June provides American Airlines passengers with seasonal direct service between Philadelphia and the walled city of Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Travelers who choose to book this route will be able to enjoy the beautiful landscape, architecture, culture and climate of a place that is known as the Pearl of the Adriatic. Flights between Philadelphia (PHL) and Dubrovnik (DBV) began on June 7 and will continue through Sept. 27.

Americans are discovering Dubrovnik in record numbers. In fact, American arrivals in the city are up by more than 19 percent based on visits made between January and May of this year. Visits to Croatia in general are up by more than 14 percent. It is expected that visitor numbers will only rise now that a new flight offering is in the mix.

There are certainly many reasons why American tourists and visitors from around the world would want to experience all that Croatia has to offer during the summer months. The list of events happening during the summer includes the world-famous Dubrovnik Summer Festival.

Of course, Dubrovnik does have one specific pop-culture phenomenon to thank for at least some of the increase in interest among tourists. The city was used as one of the primary filming locations for 'Game of Thrones' throughout the run of the series. Fans of the popular HBO series will recognize that Dubrovnik was used as the main filming location for the fictional city of King's Landing. Many insiders are anticipating that Croatia will attract fans of the series for many years to come in the same way that there is an entire segment of New Zealand's tourism industry dedicated to 'The Lord of the Rings' by Peter Jackson.

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