American Airlines isn't planning on using the Boeing 737 Max aircraft anytime soon. The airline just announced it will be pushing back the expected day that it will reintroduce the aircraft into its fleet. While American Airlines is confident that a software update and new training efforts will get the airplane re-certified, it is choosing to remain cautious.

Currently, American Airlines has 24 737 Max jets in its fleet. The airline, as a result, is canceling around 115 flights per day, through September 3. Previously, American Airlines had canceled flights through August 19. While those may seem like big numbers, they are not. American Airlines is the world's largest airline, and the 24 planes and 115 flights a day represent a tiny fraction of the roughly 6,800 flights the airline operates worldwide.

Not all scheduled 737 Max flights will be canceled outright. Instead, American Airlines will use other aircraft for the routes. By shifting its schedules, the airline is trying to affect the fewest number of travelers. Those who are scheduled on flights that were canceled will be able to rebook at no cost, or, if they don't wish to take the trip anymore, get a full refund.

Overall, American Airlines remains confident about the updates Boeing is making to its software, along with its new training programs it's implementing. The airline is looking forward to Boeing re-certifying the 737 Max aircraft.

If you are impacted by the 737 Max grounding, you will be contacted directly by the airline via email or telephone, and if you purchased through a travel agency, your travel agency will contact you.

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