Flight attendants employed by American Airlines have some pretty strong opinions regarding the company's plans to retrofit close to 200 aircraft. American is currently planning to retrofit its existing Boeing 737-800 planes to match the newer Boeing 737 MAX planes that it is introducing into its fleet.

Why is this leaving flight attendants who work for American Airlines troubled? Flight attendants who have worked on the new Boeing 737 MAX planes have many complaints regarding the cabins inside the news models. It turns out that the configuration of the new 737 MAX planes makes the job of flight attendants much harder.

The biggest complaint that American Airlines flight attendants have regarding the airline's new planes has to do with lavatories. Flight attendants are finding the lavatories very difficult to access. Flight attendants have been vocal about the fact that the doors on the lavatories in the rear portion of the plane's cabin often lock together when two passengers try to exit at the same time. All of the congestion that is occurring as a result of the new layout is making it hard for flight attendants to navigate their way around cabins and fulfil their duties.

The tight configuration of the lavatories inside the cabins on American's new 737 MAX planes was no accident. The space was intentionally designed to be compact for the purpose of creating more room for seating on the 737 MAX planes. The ability to fit more seats on every plane has a direct impact on the amount of revenue the airline can earn from each flight.

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