American Airlines just launched its first-ever biometric boarding pilot program to let its customers enjoy a more efficient, speedier boarding process at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The legacy carrier is hoping to offer its passengers a more modern, efficient yet secure experience at the airport with the help of advanced technology.

While not all American Airlines passengers can try their hand at the new boarding system just yet, this option is available to American Airlines flyers traveling on select international departures from LAX Terminal 4.

The biometric boarding procedure affords greater convenience for travelers during the departure process thanks to state-of-the-art technology. Without the need to scan boarding passes the traditional way, the new one-step facial recognition program takes just seconds to scan and verify a passenger's identity at the gate with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection's existing cloud-based database. A ‘yes' or ‘no' feedback from the system will determine whether passengers are cleared to board their flights via the facial recognition system.

As this is a pilot initiative on American Airlines' end, it will be implemented for a period of 90 days at LAX Terminal 4 for a start. American Airlines will evaluate the biometric boarding program's potential for expansion to more locations and flights throughout its global network. The airline has not stated whether this method of boarding will be made permanent at the LAX terminal it is currently trialing at nor has it revealed the specific airports where the biometric boarding system could potentially be implemented.

American Airlines understands that some passengers may be concerned about privacy issues. If you are not keen on using the biometric boarding system, you may choose to board using your regular boarding pass the usual way. Agents will be there to ensure travelers have their passports with them prior to boarding their flights.

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