American Airlines has been a leader in providing exceptional amenity kits to its long-haul premium travelers. The airline believes that providing an outstanding experience for First and Business Class travelers is the best way to keep them coming back. At a time when ultra-discounted flying seems the norm, the amenity kit does not seem like it should matter. But it does. Countless studies have shown that one of the reasons people love flying Business or First Class is because of these kits.

The new amenity kits will be introduced on February 15th and will be available on all long-haul flights.

International First and Business Class travelers will receive the new This is Ground accessories kit. The bag contains a 'cord taco', which is a small taco-shaped pouch designed to hold your device charging cords. It also includes innovative Allies of Skin skincare products.

For transcontinental premium travelers, the amenity kits are made by Athletic Propulsion Labs. These kits contain an oversized eye mask for sleeping and a FlyKit hydration pack.

Premium Economy passengers on international flights will be given the new State Bags kit. American Airlines decided to use this company for its kits because this is a business that is dedicated to giving back to the community. State Bags is committed to helping the poor through various sponsored programs. The amenity kit contains products by Baxter of California.

Using up and coming companies to craft new amenity kits falls right in line with American's new policy to help newer, promising companies gain more exposure. Just a few months ago, American contracted with a new company, Casper, to provide the premium bedding for its First Class cabins.

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