American Airlines wants to make it easier for travelers to cross the pond. Travelers can expect 2020 to be a big year for American's European strategy. New routes to Krakow, Budapest and Prague are coming in the summer. Flights to Tel Aviv and Casablanca are also being added to American's roster.

You may remember that American Airlines was recently forced to cancel several Asian routes due to poor performance. It looks as though the carrier would prefer to focus on putting resources toward profitable European routes at the moment. Five new routes over the Atlantic are scheduled to launch between May and September of 2020.

American's shift to Europe isn't sudden. A new year-round route linking Charlotte with Munich proved to be a hit this year. New seasonal routes linking Philadelphia with Berlin and Edinburgh also debuted this year. Seasonal flights from major American hubs to cities like London, Athens, Bologna, Dubrovnik and Dublin have also opened up many possibilities for travelers this year. Even existing routes from Dallas/Fort Worth to Paris and Madrid were expanded in 2019.

Travelers should be prepared to accept the fact that American Airlines is going through a phase of experimentation when it comes to adding new European routes. It has already been announced that the new Bologna route that was introduced in 2019 won't be sticking around for the summer of 2020. However, American does have plans to increase capacity on its seasonal routes to Berlin and Dubrovnik. There's a good chance that several more European routes will be announced by American going forward.

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