American Airlines is busy at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, its biggest hub. In fact, it's the largest operator at the airport and flies out of every terminal. It now also has a lounge at every terminal as it just opened a new Admirals Club at Terminal E.

Now, American passengers have a convenient option at Terminal E. Before, passengers would have to travel to other parts of the airport to get some rest and relaxation before their flight. This was inconvenient as the airport at Dallas is massive. To change terminals, you must take the Skylink light rail or make a long trek on foot.

The new Admirals Club is roughly 7,000 square feet and has enough room for 117 passengers. The new lounge in Terminal E doesn't have a large capacity as the terminal is smaller and hosts smaller aircraft, and flights to and from the terminal are regional. Other American lounges in the airport range from 10,000 square feet to 35,000 square feet.

The new Admirals Club at Terminal E is open every day of the week from 5:30am to 10:15pm. It offers free Wi-Fi and PCs with Internet access and plenty of places to charge your devices. The lounge offers complimentary soft drinks, tea, juices and coffee. Light snacks are also available for free.

Unfortunately, the lounge doesn't offer shower facilities or conference rooms. All other Admirals Clubs at DFW have showers, and all Admirals Clubs, except the one in Terminal D, have conference rooms.

The lounge opening should be well-received. American Airlines operates more than 900 flights out of the airport, every day, and accounts for nearly 85 percent of airport traffic at DFW.

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