The airline world learned some big news regarding the American Airlines fleet last week. The airline needs to replace the Boeing 757's it uses for longer routes. However, Boeing is currently being bogged down by issues stemming from the mass grounding of the 737 MAX following two high-profile crashes. Where does that leave things? American Airlines just ordered a total of 50 new aircraft from Airbus. The new narrow-body jets that are on order are long-range aircraft. American's new deal with Airbus was officially announced at the Paris Air Show last week.

The new Airbus planes offer the longest range of any single-aisle Airbus model. American Airlines is no stranger to Airbus planes. The carrier is already the largest operator of Airbus aircraft. American's current fleet contains 422 Airbus planes. The newest model will make it possible for American Airlines to introduce new routes from the East Coast of the United States that will bring passengers to destinations throughout Europe and South America. The A321XLR has an added range of up to 4,700 nautical miles. That's an increase of 15 percent compared to the A321LR model. What's more, the newest generation of planes reduces the fuel burn per seat by 30 percent. Airbus is also promising that its A321XLR will offer next-level comfort for passengers.

When will American be adding its newest Airbus planes to its fleet? We know that eight planes are expected to be delivered in 2023. Another 22 will be coming in 2024. The remaining 20 planes are scheduled to be delivered by some point in 2025.

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