American Airlines is getting a little help from Google when it comes to ensuring clear communication between lounge staff and customers. The carrier is currently testing the use of Google Assistant's interpreter mode at some of its lounges. The tool translates phrases between languages real-time. American Airlines is hoping that Google Assistant will make it easier for airline staff to communicate with passengers who speak foreign languages.

American Airlines still plans to rely heavily on human staff members, though. Customer service representatives will be utilizing interpreter mode on Google Nest Hubs that are located inside lounges only when actual human employees aren't available to translate words. American actually employs many bilingual staff members in order to serve customers who speak languages from around the world as thoroughly as possible.

Google Assistant's interpreter mode isn't without its limitations. The program currently only translates 29 languages. What's more, the results simply aren't as flawless or natural as what you'd get from an actual conversation between two fluent humans. However, the program could turn out to be a big help in a pinch.

American Airlines is only using Google Assistant's interpreter mode on a trial basis at the moment. The airline has announced that the program is being tested at a total of three Admirals Club lounges at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) for now. However, no word has been given yet regarding plans to expand the program to additional lounges or airports.

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