American Airlines just became the third major carrier in the country to open up award availability for seats in international Premium Economy cabins. American is opting for maximum transparency by sharing the listed prices for its award seats. Both Delta and United keep that information secret. The change means that American Airlines customers can now use reward points to enjoy better experiences.

American is launching its new award option just as the carrier is busy rolling out its international Premium Economy product. This newly launched option provides travelers with a special cabin that is separate from both Economy Class and Business Class. Availability for the new seat option officially went live online last Thursday. Customers can use the search engine on the American Airlines website when booking seats to discover the option. However, availability isn't exactly widespread at the moment. Only a select number of international flights have these special Premium Economy cabins as of right now. American Airlines is currently in the process of upgrading its entire long-haul fleet to offer the cabin on every plane. It is expected that the project will be done by some point in the middle of 2019.

Premium Economy is having an important moment in the airline industry. Many airlines are going big when it comes to rolling out flashy Business Class options and bottom-tier Economy products. Many travelers are left wanting something that falls somewhere in the middle. Legacy carriers are discovering that average travelers are pretty happy to pay a little bit extra for a slightly better experience. Besides, American Airlines has vowed to do better in 2019. Its new award option should make travelers feel a little better about the carrier, don't you think?

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