If you plan to fly with American Airlines this summer in the United States, you will probably have access to Internet throughout the flight. American Airlines just finished a huge satellite-Internet deployment to its more than 700 narrowbody aircraft that mainly handle domestic routes.

The satellite-based Internet offers faster and more reliable connections than previous technologies. Depending on the route you take, your plane could offer Internet from Gogo or Viasat. With a satellite-based connection, passengers can stream videos without having to worry about constant buffering. What's more, they can even send and receive large files. This is true even if all passengers are using inflight Wi-Fi at the same time.

For passengers who would rather sit back and relax, there is also good news. All airplanes that have been equipped with satellite Internet can now stream live TV. While the airline only offers 12 live channels at this time, there is no charge for the service. The only thing to note is that passengers can watch live TV only through their personal devices.

Once on board the aircraft, fliers can connect their devices to American Airlines' Wi-Fi network. Then, they can watch free live TV or purchase inflight Internet access. American Airlines is ahead of the curve with live TV and is currently the only United States-based airline that offers free live television on international flights.

American Airlines is planning on doing even more to make the flight experience more pleasant for its customers. The airline will be installing tablet holders that allow for hands-free viewing, and power outlets throughout its mainline fleet. This will be available at every seat, and the USB power source will be right next to the tablet holder, which will make it easier for travelers to keep their tablets charged.

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