On Wednesday, August 5, American Airlines will open seven gates at the newly built Western Concourse in LaGuardia Airport's Terminal B. It will be the first of 17 gates at the concourse that are set to go into operation. Ten more gates at the concourse are poised to open sometime in 2022.

The 210,000 square feet Western Concourse will open in two phases. American Airlines will use the new concourse as its base of operations at LaGuardia Airport. At the concourse, American will have a dedicated customer service desk as well as an expansive Admirals Club.

Travelers who visit the Western Concourse will notice that many design elements of the Eastern Concourse will be present at the new Western Concourse. The concourse offers 55-foot ceilings accompanied by floor-to-ceiling windows which offer a great view and plenty of natural light. Visitors will enjoy large restrooms, a green space, a children's play area and more.

Once the seven new gates are open, more than 40 percent of all travelers will pass through the new gates at LaGuardia Airport. As part of the project, there will be a pedestrian skybridge that connects the Terminal B Arrivals and Departures Hall to the Western Concourse. This should be completed sometime in 2021.

On a side note, American Airlines is also trying to make it easier for those who want to travel amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The airline is extending its change fee waiver for travelers who book tickets by September 8, 2020 for future travel. Fare rules may apply depending on the ticket. The airline even allows customers to change their destination and origin cities as part of the offer.

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