In a surprise move, American Airlines and Qatar Airways have entered into a new codeshare agreement. The two airlines broke off their codeshare program in 2017 during a dispute that American and other airlines were having with Qatar Airways. The dispute stated that the Doha-based airline was receiving subsidies from its government, giving it an unfair advantage over other carriers when it comes to ticket pricing.

The two carriers are clearly reconciling. In a turn of events, the two airlines have stated that any issues that they have had in the past have been addressed and resolved. From this point forward, the codeshare program is meant to enhance the customer experience for passengers of both airlines.

The new program will allow Qatar passengers to book domestic travel on American Airlines flights originating out of Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Miami, Chicago, Dallas, and Los Angeles. Passengers will also be able to connect on American flights in Europe, the Caribbean and Central and South America.

American passengers will be able to connect with flights on Qatar Airways throughout the Middle East, Eastern Africa and several areas of Asia. American further stated that this new partnership would also allow the airline to explore more flights to Doha from the United States.

Both airlines are members of the oneworld alliance. oneworld passengers will also reap the benefits of this new partnership between American Airlines and Qatar Airways. In other news, oneworld will be welcoming a new airline on April 1, 2020 - Royal Air Maroc will join the airline alliance, which will enhance passenger benefits throughout the Africa region. On the same note, Alaska Airlines has stated that it will join oneworld in 2021, further increasing flight options for passengers of oneworld member airlines.

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