American Airlines has enacted several new policies in an effort to meet COVID-19 guidelines set forth by the CDC and to limit interactions between staff and passengers to abide by social distancing guidelines. Effective immediately, and in place until at least April 30th, the airline has made the following changes:

For flights 2,200 miles or less (typically 4.5 hours or less):

  • Meals will not be served in First Class
  • Food and snack for purchase will not be available in any cabin class
  • Beverages will be limited to request only; only bottled water or canned drinks will be available
  • Alcohol will only be available upon request in First Class

For flights exceeding 2,200 miles and International flights:

  • Alcohol will only be available on long-haul international flights in all cabins.
  • For transcontinental and Hawaii flights, as well as all other flights longer than 2,200 miles, alcohol will only be available in First Class
  • Meals will only be served on long-haul international flights
  • First Class and Business Class meals will be served on one tray instead of the usual separate courses
  • Food and snack purchases will be suspended
  • Drink service will be available for canned drinks or bottled water

American Airlines has stated that it will block 50% of all middle seats on flights until April 30th to increase social distancing. Also, the airline will allow passengers to move within their ticketed cabin area if there are open seats available that let passengers be as far away from each other as possible.

That's not all. American Airlines has announced it has closed most of its Admirals Club lounges at this time to promote safety for its customers and staff. Some will still be staffed by an employee at the front desk to help customers with any travel assistance issues they may encounter. At this time, the airline has also suspended checked pet services.

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