American Airlines means business when it comes to wooing international corporate travelers. The airline is rolling out some new benefits aimed at making the travel experience a little sweeter for corporate clients. What do the new benefits look like? Corporate travelers can look forward to receiving priority treatment both on the ground and in the air. Travelers with tickets booked through corporate accounts will be given access to preferred seats at no extra cost. In addition, they will get priority access at ticket counters and when passing through security lanes. It gets even better after that.

American Airlines is going to make sure corporate travelers can make their big meetings and important engagements even when disruptions strike. The carrier has announced that it will be prioritizing corporate travelers when weather issues, mechanical issues or other operational problems cause flight hiccups. This is one way that American is able to do a little damage control in the face of increasing delays caused by issues with its mechanics union as well as the mass grounding of the 737 MAX. American did lose some ground to competitors in the spring due to both issues.

Part of American's plan to make the travel process easier for corporate travelers involves increasing its support staff for corporate accounts by 50 percent. American Airlines is also in the process of creating a separate booking portal for corporate accounts.

It's important to keep in mind that the new perks won't be available to everyone who is traveling for business. They are being designed specifically for travelers using corporate accounts with companies that are registered with American Airlines. The new perks will be available to travelers using flights offered directly from American Airlines or any of the airline's Atlantic Joint Business (AJB) partners. The carrier's list of partners includes Finnair, British Airways and Iberia. It is expected that all of the perks will be fully in place by 2020.

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