Can you keep up with all of the changes happening with loyalty programs in the airline world? There's one more program to know about if you're into chasing points. American Airlines just launched its new SimplyMiles program. The program gives travelers opportunities to earn more bonus miles when they make purchases using American Airlines credit cards.

The first thing to know about SimplyMiles is that it only works when you make purchases with qualifying retailers. SimplyMiles is actually pretty similar to concepts that are already offered by Chase and American Express. However, the big difference here is that SimplyMiles only rewards you in the form of miles.

How can you get started if SimplyMiles looks like something that you might want to use? You can sign up online using your AAdvantage number. You will need to add a Citi/AAdvantage® or AAdvantage® Aviator Mastercard to your new account to begin receiving points automatically. The last step is to simply activate the offers that are presented to you.

It's important to keep in mind that only purchases that are made using your linked American Airlines card will actually earn the extra miles. In addition, you will need to remember to register your credit card whenever you see an offer that looks good.

What brands and retailers are participating in the new SimplyMiles program? The roster covers a nice mix of restaurants and retail brands. Offers from Olive Garden, Aldo, Exxon, Shoe Carnival, Teleflora and more are currently on the table. You can probably expect the roster of participating brands to change from month to month.

The truth is that SimplyMiles isn't a life-changing concept by any means. What's more, the program may not be of any value to you if you don't shop with the retailers that are participating. People who do like the brands that are participating with American Airlines to make SimplyMiles happen will love being able to earn miles quickly.

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