Things are not looking so great for American Airlines right now. American Airlines President Robert Isom revealed that customer satisfaction has plummeted year-over-year for the first time in recent history and the airline is absolutely gutted. The legacy carrier learned of the hard truth from its surveys where it found that fewer customers were ‘likely to recommend' American Airlines to their loved ones, friends and colleagues in 2018 than in the previous year.

To elaborate a little, it seems American Airlines customers have not been pleased with the reduced legroom they enjoy in Economy Class, small bathrooms, unreliable inflight Wi-Fi and inconsistent service delivery.

Although these were the main concerns raised by American Airlines' customers, American Airlines President Robert Isom attributed the decline in customer satisfaction performance to the carrier's less than stellar performance when it comes to reliability. The President of American Airlines purported its customers are more than satisfied with American Airlines' product, service, amenities, aircraft fleet etc.

He claimed American Airlines frustrated customers last year because it wasn't as reliable as it should have been. On that note, he promised the carrier will work hard on improving its on-time performance, efficiency and cutting down on the number of out-of-service aircraft.

While the drop in customer satisfaction may have come as a surprise to American Airlines executives, it is common knowledge that travelers in main cabins have been continually squeezed by pricing and smaller seats, tighter legroom, stricter baggage policies, more fees etc. It was recently revealed that budget carrier Spirit Airlines did better than both American Airlines and United Airlines in Wall Street Journal's Middle Seat column ranking.

That's not all. Delta Air Lines emerged as the most profitable US airline in 2018; the Atlanta-based legacy carrier churned out almost $4 billion in net income last year while American Airlines managed to deliver a full-year net profit of $1.4 billion. American CEO Doug Parker has revealed plans are in the works to boost American Airlines' revenue in 2019. Travelers can expect some routes in Chicago and Phoenix to be tweaked and American's Dallas/Fort Worth hub to continue growing among others.

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