It might not seem like there's a lot of lounge news coming down the pipe at the moment. Most of the lounges around the world are closed for the time being due to COVID-19. What's more, the ones that are open are operating at very reduced capacities. That doesn't mean that lounge operators aren't still looking forward. We have word that a new American Express Centurion Lounge is currently in development for Seattle Tacoma International Airport (SEA). The news comes even though all American Express locations are currently closed.

Seattle's American Express lounge is still very much in the early stages of development. Of course, you may already be familiar with the existing American Express lounge in Seattle. The reality is that the existing 4,500 square feet of space isn't really cutting it. Anyone who visited prior to the COVID-19 shutdown was likely to experience a very crowded, cramped setting. You've also probably noticed that the lounge lacks any meaningful amenities. That should change with the introduction of an expanded Seattle American Express lounge.

The new lounge that is being proposed for Seattle will cover roughly 13,700 square feet inside the airport. That's 200 percent larger than what guests have to work with now. The details that we've seen so far show huge restrooms, phone areas, conference rooms and a shower area. The improved lounge will be located in Central Terminal's upper-level area. American Express is currently working with the Port of Seattle to explore options for making this plan a reality.

The American Express Centurion Lounge network has plans to welcome a number of new lounges around the world. American Express is also currently in the process of expanding lounges in New York (JFK), Denver (DEN) and London (LHR). The expectation is that those lounges will be opening at some point during the second half of 2020 or beyond. The Centurion Lounge in Las Vegas is also currently undergoing major renovations that should be completed by next year. That lounge will be about 50 percent larger when it opens its doors in 2021.

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