Is taking the train about to become very trendy again? Amtrak is rolling out a next-generation train that is going to inspire a lot of people to get places by rail in the years to come. It has been revealed that Amtrak actually intends to replace its very popular Acela trains by some point in 2021. The new trains will be capable of traveling faster, offering enhanced safety and transporting more people. What's more, regular passengers will enjoy shorter commutes. The new trains will reportedly be able to shave anywhere from 15 minutes to 20 minutes from the popular route between New York City and Washington, D.C.

It's not surprising that Amtrak suddenly has a vision of getting bigger, better and faster. Amtrak is now being run by Richard Anderson. He is best known for being the former CEO of Delta. Anderson sees the new line of Acela trains as the key to making sure rail travel stays both desirable and relevant.

In addition, Anderson and the minds at Amtrak see the potential to tap into the millennial market by adding features that actually matter to commuters and short-haul travelers. The fact that millennials aren't as interested in driving and owning their own cars as past generations did is a big reason behind why Amtrak is so focused on making train cars better.

What will the new Acela trains be like? They will offer faster Wi-Fi, USB charging ports at every seat, winged headrests and reading lights. There's even talk of offering craft beers and other perks that can transform a commute from a hassle into an experience. One other benefit that millennials may go for is that trains typically offer better reliability than planes and buses. Amtrak is making one promise that today's airlines aren't. Richard Anderson has vowed not to reduce seat sizes on Amtrak trains.

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