Amtrak's new high-speed Acela trains are here. However, these trains will be tested for nine months before they're ever allowed to carry passengers on the tracks. The trains are being sent to Colorado for an intense testing period that will cover railway dynamics, traction, tilting, brakes, control systems and much more. All of these tests will ultimately prepare the trains to begin service out of Hornell, New York. Amtrak intends to use its new high-speed fleet for service in the Northeast Corridor beginning in 2021.

Future Amtrak passengers have some exciting features to look forward to when they ride in the Northeast beginning in 2021. Acela interiors will be equipped with touches like adjustable reading lights, personal outlets, USB ports, larger windows and spacious restrooms. New seats with winged leather headrests will make it much easer to sit back and take in views during journeys. Of course, one of the highly anticipated updates is improved Wi-Fi access. Amtrak has also updated overhead luggage compartments to provide more space for passenger to store their items. Guests will also notice better dining options, bigger restrooms and screens that provide real-time updates regarding speed, location and conductor announcements as they explore Amtrak Acela cars.

Acela trains travel between Boston and Washington several times per day. More than 3.5 million customers used this route in 2019. That represents an increase of 4.3 percent when compared to 2018. There's a good chance those numbers will increase with the introduction of the updated Acela fleet next year. The updated trains will actually be capable of accommodating 25 percent more passengers when they make their debut next year.

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