Is the sound of airplane traffic driving you mad at your house? People who live near airports face some very specific noise problems. Of course, the process of filing an official noise complaint has traditionally come with its own problems. Most of us don't have the hours it takes to file an official complaint. However, there's good news if airplanes have been rattling your windows and shaking your furniture.

A company called Airnoise has produced a small device that allows you to file a complaint simply by clicking a button. You can also file complaints using Airnoise's website or via text message. What's more, the company plans to release apps that will allow you to make a report instantly from pretty much any type of mobile device.

There's a good chance that you could be experiencing unprecedented airplane noise at your house even if you've lived near an airport for years. That's because a new system called NextGen has changed air routes around the country. NextGen was developed to help airlines create flight paths that are more direct and efficient. In addition, the program was used to make the switch from radar to satellite in the airline world. Efficiency is definitely something to applaud when it comes to airline routes. However, the fruits of NextGen might not be considered positive if you happen to live near an airport. Some residents who live near airports have filed thousands of noise complaints using Airnoise since its launch. Airnoise claims that 1.1 million complaints have been received so far.

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